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You can upload file types – Word (.doc), PDF, power point (.PPT), Images (.JPG,. PNG)
Please split the note into multiple files and then upload.
scholarnotes does not account any responsibility of copy write of a note. It is just a platform for students to help each other.
scholarnotes staff will evaluate submitted content and suggest the value.

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1. Type in a key word in the search bar, a document preview will appear in a pop up window. 2. If a buyer enjoys the sample, it can downloaded instantly by clicking “Download Now”. 3. You will be taken to a third party page to process through Paypal Wallet. 4. Once payment is successful download the complete document.
No minimum costs, users decide down to the penny.
File types including but not limited to – Word (.doc), PDF, power point (.PPT), Images (.JPG,. PNG).


Register on scholarnotes.com through Register button or Sign Up on Login page. Create your short profile. Upload a document/note using simple 4 steps. Set your price ranging from free to $5. scholarnotes admin will evaluate the content and then publish on the site if no inappropriate content is found. If content not found appropriate scholarnotes have full rights to delete the content from site. No prior notification will be sent. scholarnotes will send you an approval email on the aptness of notes received. You will also receive a confirmation email on the uploaded notes. A preview of your note will be available for anyone to download. Every payment received on download of a note will be paid to you.
Yes a 30% commission will be charged on every download of a note.
No you will not be charged for uploading a note.
Under payments tab there is a withdrawal request link,fill in your paypal email id where scholarnotes can transfer you the payments. The payments will be processed every Saturday of a week.
Every download of your published note will make you earn money basis the price being published for the note. A 30% commission will be charged by scholarnotes on any download.
scholarnotes is registered site and abide by policies and procedures assuring no cheating of money.
The note which interests you can be downloaded from the preview window of the note. For full view and download of the note you have to buy notes. Make the payment through paypal wallet and buy the notes. This document will always be available in your scholarnotes account under “My Notes”.
You will be charged basis the published price of the note. You can make payment through Credit/Debit card supported with paypal gateway
Yes, it’s purely depending upon how someone wants to upload a document. You may get free content as well for download.
The site is published through trusted payment gateways.
30% of the published price of a document will be charged by scholarnotes per download of a note.
It is your note and you are the best judge for setting the right price of a note. Over and under casting your price will not be beneficial for you as user will be smart enough to judge the price.
Yes your downloaded note will be always available for your view in your scholarnotes account under “My Purchased Notes”.
Anyone who bought a note will be given an option to rate the note. Your note will be rated from 1 star to 5 stars. This will be highlighted on you note preview. Anyone can refer that.


scholarnotes is a platform which provides students and teachers to upload any form of notes a picture, image, word document, pdf, excel, presentation. This is conceptualized basis why to trash your notes, spread knowledge, let others learn from your contributions and you earn money.
No matter you are a student, teacher or not from education background. You can upload any form of notes under a section and subject category. You are the best judge to decide about a price of your note. Once you have uploaded your note, scholarnotes will verify the content of notes. If the content found is appropriate basis the Education laws your notes preview will be published on the site. On the other hand knowledge seeker can download the notes from scholarnotes.com.
Write us an email with your contact details through Contact Us page. We will connect back with you in 8 hours.
scholarnotes provides an Invite to Friend option. You can invite as many friends as you want. Do we have a scheme on invite to friend?
High level category under which your note may fall. For example – High School, Medical, Commerce etc.
Subject category is further breakdown of a Notes category. For example Science is broken down into Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics.
Please contact scholarnotes support team. We will assist you.